Fairview’s Personalized Stock Portfolios Can Enhance Your Net Worth

At Fairview Capital, we can help you create a personalized stock portfolio that meets your specific needs and goals. With our help, you can enhance your net worth and secure your financial future.

Explore long-term wealth management with Fairview, a financial advisor in Marin County who helps high-net-worth individuals and families obtain financial freedom.

Fairview’s Personalized Asset Allocation

When it comes to one’s financial security in retirement, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Your unique circumstances and goals require an evolving, personalized asset allocation plan. That’s why our team takes the time to get to know each of our clients individually, to recommend the right mix of assets for their specific situations.

At Fairview, we utilize goals-based financial planning to provide an ongoing assessment of progress toward your financial and lifestyle goals. Our personalized planning process considers all your assets, not just what we manage on your behalf. We integrate realistic scenarios to support your financial decisions and stress test each synopsis using varying market return assumptions.

With your involvement, we can securely aggregate your financial data, providing complete transparency into your full financial picture.

Your portfolio is customized to your goals and timeline, and supported by a team of advisors who understand your unique preferences, aspirations, risk tolerance, and time horizon. We strive to enhance your net worth based on decisions custom-tailored to your specific needs.

We Employ Tax Sensitive Efforts

We consider tax implications for every financial decision. Before we rebalance any taxable portfolio, we consider cost basis, holding period and the entire financial picture. The Fairview team looks for tax-loss harvesting opportunities across your entire portfolio as well as charitable gifting opportunities when appropriate and in line with a client’s philanthropic goals.

Our approach is essential to minimizing your tax exposure. We are happy to coordinate with your CPA to support cohesive wealth management.

Count On Regular Reviews and Consistent Monitoring

Trust is a significant component of a long-term professional relationship, which is why we have frequent reviews and open communication with our clients. Investment decisions and adjustments to the portfolio are informed by our in-house, in-depth research process. This removes the need for you to monitor your investments constantly.

For your convenience, we welcome face-to-face meetings and video, phone, and email communication to assure you are well informed.

In-house Research Supports Every Investment Decision We Make

Comprehensive financial planning and investment management require in-depth research, but not all financial advisors go about it rigorously. At Fairview, we actively monitor portfolio holdings in-house to make sound investment decisions that can enhance your net worth. Here’s how:

  • We might add to stock positions when new information increases our conviction in our original idea or when a stock price declines and our investment thesis remains intact.
  • We look to reduce our position when it constitutes an overly large portion of the portfolio or when the stock becomes materially overvalued.
  • We sell a company’s stock when new information suggests our investment thesis was incorrect or when a superior opportunity is identified that would improve the risk-reward profile of our portfolio.
  • We determine whether or not to include the security in your portfolio or place it on a “watch list” for future consideration.

Various factors direct the decision to initiate a portfolio investment, such as if the security is deemed superior, from a quantitative and qualitative perspective to an existing holding. In this case, we would add it to the portfolio to replace the existing holding unless tax considerations do not support it. Stock position sizes vary by the quality of the business, the level of its undervaluation, and our conviction in the investment idea.

Fairview’s highly credentialed and experienced research team is available to consult with you on an as-needed basis.

Advice on External Holdings

Fairview Capital incorporates your external holdings into your portfolio decision-making process. We will advise you on external holdings such as real estate or large stock holdings (outside your Fairview portfolio) without an extra fee. This provides a comprehensive financial support structure to optimize your net worth.

Account Access and Communication

To know where you stand at all times, you have access to financial planning software via your personal planning portal, allowing you to actively update your information, access detailed reports, and review scenarios. You also have access to your investment portal where you can view your quarterly reports, performance and account information. While some of our clients like focusing on the big picture, others enjoy getting into the details. Either way, you can expect regular communication to answer your questions.

Peace of mind is a result of our financial planning process. You benefit by having greater insight into your current financial circumstances, having a better understanding of your financial future, and seeing how your decisions can impact outcomes.

We frequently travel to meet with you at home or your place of business for added convenience, value, and a higher level of client service.

The Fairview Difference

At Fairview, you will not feel like just another number and will not get lost in the shuffle. We do not employ a cookie-cutter approach to your financial plan or investments. Instead, you will benefit from active, personalized stock portfolio management from a well-versed team that is qualified and ready to guide you through any market condition.

As an ethical fiduciary wealth manager in the Bay Area, your best interests are our #1 focus.

Serving as a fee-based, boutique-like firm in Marin County for over 30 years our fees are simple and transparent. With a multi-generational approach, our thoughtful, long-term financial planning can benefit your whole family. Contact our team at Fairview today to learn more about our advisory services in the Bay Area and how they can enhance your net worth.

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