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Wealth Management

Wealth Management means different things to different people. At Fairview, we believe wealth management is about you and your loved ones. It’s about your needs for today…and tomorrow. It’s about planning for future generations and philanthropic purposes, too.

How do you balance these considerations? With a finely crafted financial plan. We can help you design your plan by asking the right questions and providing you with the right tools and resources. This can establish confidence in your plans so that you can sleep well at night—and enjoy your days—without worrying. Our goal is to help you feel that you have a plan for the best possible lives for you and your family.

We’re qualified to help you through our decades of accumulated experience working with wealthy individuals and their families. Our team has encountered a broad range of circumstances during that time, so we’re prepared to help. As part of our effort, we are able to work with other professional advisors, such as attorneys or accountants that you may already have engaged to help manage your affairs.

To further enhance our capabilities, we integrate a user-friendly cloud based technological tool that will transform your perspective of your family’s wealth. With your involvement, this tool securely aggregates all of your financial data to provide exceptional transparency into your complete financial condition, all on a real-time basis. Clients have been captivated by our Wealth Management Site’s capabilities.

Success has been described as a journey, rather than a destination. We believe this description applies to Wealth Management, too. The process starts by developing a thorough understanding of your unique situation and objectives. It continues with thoughtful recommendations and close coordination with your other trusted professional advisors.  The process persists as life’s circumstances change or as your family’s objectives and opportunities evolve over time. Our experience has proven that ongoing planning and advice are the most important factors towards ensuring that your legacy is preserved.