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These values guide our firm through every decision and client interaction. It is these core principles that set us apart from other financial advisors.


Beyond adhering to both the letter and spirit of our industry’s rules and regulations, our investment professionals abide by a rigorous set of internal practices that seek to ensure our clients’ interests always remain paramount. Our foremost goal is generating full client satisfaction. As an independent firm, we are fully removed from the profit pressures of the typical financial conglomerate. We personally invest in what we recommend to our clients because we recognize that our own capital is indeed our reputation.


We are a dedicated group of professionals with both extensive education and real-world investment management experience. Our investment effort is underpinned by a dedicated research team that evaluates each opportunity through a meticulous and comprehensive process. We’re able to select investments suitable for individual client needs due to the combination of our independent ownership and our in-house research capability—not because we rely on external incentive or recommendation.

Fair Value

Investment costs—including management fees, trading commissions, and taxes—have real and measurable effects on long-term portfolio returns. We seek to minimize the absolute levels of these costs while providing superior transparency for the actual costs incurred. Our internal research and management capability enables us to opportunistically manage capital gains in ways that help to reduce taxes. We do not have internal incentives or external inducements to encourage “product” sales or portfolio turnover. We are not compensated by any third party for use of their products. Simply, our goal is to treat our clients fairly.

Exceptional Service

The Fairview Capital team creates an investment plan designed to meet both clients’ short-term liquidity needs and long-term return objectives. Our past experience provides us with the breadth and resources to address varying circumstances. We work in conjunction with any existing counselors such as lawyers, accountants, Trustees, or Investment Committees. We try to limit the number of our client relationships so that we may provide a premier level of service. In that spirit, we aim to work with clients who share our long-term investment philosophy in order to establish the best opportunity for full satisfaction.